Florida is Trying to ‘Kill Hemp’: What Can YOU Do?

The Florida House of Representatives just announced that the “Kill Hemp Bills” have been assigned to their next committee. They announced the schedule for the committee on 4/10 and the committee is on 4/12….. so we have to act fast cause they aren’t giving us much time!

Click here to see committee info and agenda!

Here is what you can do….

1) Reach out to the Committee Members and Tell Them to Vote NO!

Calling and emailing your lawmakers is very important and makes a huge difference. Scroll down and underneath the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee heading you will find all the committee members and bill sponsors, and you will also find their contact info. It is very important that as many of you contact these phone numbers and emails TODAY as many times as possible to let them know that regulating hemp (especially a THC cap) is going to “harm the hemp industry and make many sick Floridians criminals over night”!

Also be sure to read the section on “Things to Remember”…. people are very passionate about this and that passion can be focused in the wrong direction. If you are rude or upsetting to the legislature then you will in fact be working against us.

Please be sure to read the “things to remember section”!

Please take the time to reach out. You will be surprised how fast you can make it through that call list!

2) Visit Tallahassee!

We realize that dropping everything and driving up to Tallahassee can be difficult, but if there is ever a time that we need you to do this it is now. The bill will be heard at 8:30am on Wed 4/12 at the Sumner Hall (404 HOB) located in the House Building of the Florida capitol. Please consider coming up for this meeting… if not then please stay tunned because 2 committees will be scheduled for next week!

If you can make it… click here to find out when and where you need to be!

3) Sign the Petition!

Let people know that you stand with the Florida Hemp industry! Go to Save Florida Hemp’s website and sign the petition to end these useless regulations.

Click here to sign the petition

Some Things to Remember Before Your Reach Out


If you get a voicemail, make sure you leave a polite message saying they “oppose House Bill 1475” along with your name and phone number. You should call back the next day.  If you get a voicemail again, then you should leave another polite message saying they  “oppose Bill 1475” along with your name and phone number.


You should send a polite email as well.  Make sure you state that you are “opposed to House Bill 1475” and explain why the hemp industry or hemp products are important to you.  Make sure your email is heartfelt.



It is even more impactful for you to visit the district office of YOUR legislators in person.  It is extremely important for you to dress professionally (suit/tie, “Sunday best”, closed-toe shoes, NO jeans, NO hats, NO T-shirts) and be extremely polite.  Explain that you oppose HB 1475 and tell them why the hemp industry or hemp products are important to YOU.  Tell your story from the heart.  You can find your Senator at https://www.flsenate.gov/senators/find and you can find your Representative at https://www.myfloridahouse.gov/findyourrepresentative

House Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee

HB 1475 Sponsor

Rep. Will Robinson



417 HOB

House Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman

Please contact the Chairman of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee that will hear HB 1475 and tell them that you oppose the bill and share how it passing and the end of much of the Hemp industry would affect your life.

Chairman Rep. Thad Altman



222 Capitol

Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee Members

Please contact Every Representative of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee and tell them that you oppose the bill in its current form and share how it passing and the end of much of the Hemp industry would affect your life.

Vice Chair Rep. Melony Bell



212 Capitol

Democratic Ranking Member Kevin Chambliss



1401 Capitol

Rep. Shane Abbott



1402 Capitol

Rep. Dean Black



1301 Capitol

Rep. Adam Botana



319 Capitol

Rep. James Buchanan



400 HOB

Rep. Hillary Cassel



1003 Capitol

Rep. Lindsay Cross



1003 The Capitol

Rep. Peggy Gossett-Seidman



1102 Capitol

Rep. Dianne “Ms Dee” Hart



1003 Capitol

Rep. Sam Killebrew



300 HOB

Rep. Johanna Lopez



1302 Capitol

Rep. Toby Overdorf



319 Capitol

Rep. Keith Truenow



417 HOB

Scan all these codes!

The graphic below is a great resource and can help you take action even after the committee on 4/12… please scan the following codes and follow the prompts.

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  • Carlos Hermida Sr
    Posted at 22:57h, 11 April Reply

    I came to this country 60 Years ago
    From Cuba after being incarcerated for no other crime than not agreeing with the Communist regime
    And being educated in a Catholic School.

    I was extremely happy to be in a country where you could be free, express yourself, and pursue happiness

    I am grateful to this country for the opportunities I got, and was able to get an education at Louisiana State University (MS in Mechanical Engineering)

    Because of the opportunities afforded to me I was able to create a small business
    And be a leader of the Engineering Community in South Florida
    Where I was president of the Society of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers (HVAC)
    And Regional (SE ) chairman

    It is with sadness that I observe the path the Florida House and Senate are taking to destroy the hemp industry in Florida

    The people of Florida have spoken in several elections, and the majority is for the availability of Hemp and Cannabis in Florida

    My wife was diagnosed with Lymphoma about a year ago.

    The Chemo treatments almost killed her as well.

    No medication from the doctors (Including Moffitt ) would help with the nausea , inability to eat, sleep etc

    It wasn’t until she started taking pills available that were a combination of CBD and THC that she would recover from the nausea and other effects and could start eating and sleeping again

    I respectfully urge you to please vote against the Bills , that would take that medication away from many suffering from Cancer, PTSD , and other terminal or debilitating diseases

    I have voted republican (and campaigned ) for 50 something years

    Our party promotes freedom, initiative, small business and the protection of the at risk.

    Please vote against HB 1475

    God Bless

    Carlos Hermida PE

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