Legal Form of THC Offered at Ybor’s Chillum Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary

Tampa, FL – A Hemp Dispensary in Ybor City is selling a form of hemp that gets you high just like cannabis. This legal form of hemp is high in the cannabinoid Delta-8 THC.  Which is remarkably similar to the illegal cannabinoid found in cannabis called Delta-9 THC. Basically, Chillum CBD Dispensary is getting people high off legal weed!

When the federal government made CBD legal, they did so by making it clear that they only care about the dominant cannabinoid in cannabis that gets you high, Delta-9 THC. So, to keep people from getting stoned, they made all other cannabinoids legal as long as the cannabis plant has less than .3% Delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis. Now, a cannabis plant that contains less than .3% Delta-9 THC is legally defined as the hemp plant and is legal for sale in all 50 states.  This is the reason why CBD is now so readily available. What they did not realize is there are many forms of THC.  The latest form of THC to hit the market is Delta-8 THC and it legal just like CBD.

Delta-8 THC is best described as a less potent Delta-9 THC. Delta-8 THC is naturally occurring in the plant and chemically differs from Delta-9 THC by only a few atomic bonds.  However, it still possesses many of the same beneficial qualities of Delta-9 THC, although Delta-8 is only about 70% as psychoactive as Delta-9 THC. Basically, for every 2 hits of a Delta-8 it takes about 3 hits of Delta-9.

This offers Floridians a legal alternative to the limiting and expensive medical cannabis system currently in place in the Sunshine State. Florida’s MMJ patients must pay to see a doctor every 7 months and are paying high prices for their pot. Due to a closed off licensing process and horizontal integration, there are not many companies in Florida offering medical cannabis and they are charging a hefty price for their pot. Rather than participating in Florida’s medical cannabis system, many patients have resorted to the black market to get their medicine.

“Florida’s Medical Cannabis program is too pricey and very restrictive for patients. By offering Delta-8 THC products we can give Floridians an alternative that won’t break their bank account,” says Carlos Hermida, Owner Chillum CBD Dispensary, “This also keeps sick patients from having to participate in criminal activity. I’m tired of hearing about veterans, with PTSD, who can’t afford their MMJ card, and are forced to break the law to get what they need.”

Chillum offers a variety of Delta-8 THC products that can be smokedvaporized, and eaten. These products include:

By offering a vast assortment of products, medical marijuana patients find an easy transition to this legal form of cannabis.

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