Mushroom Dispensary Opens in Downtown St Petersburg on Friday

--A Shroom and Hemp Dispensary is Coming to DTSP's Grand Central District

--Chillum Mushroom and Hemp Dispensary opening 2nd Location in DTSP--

A Mushroom Dispensary is opening in Downtown St Petersburg’s Grand Central District this weekend. This is after it’s Ybor City flagship location found success last year after becoming the first legal Mushroom Dispensary in the United States.  Chillum Mushroom and Hemp Dispensary will be located at 1916 Central Ave, Unit B, St Petersburg, Florida in the former Goodyear Rubber location across the street from the Imagine Glass Museum.

Founder, and local cannabis activist, Carlos Hermida is planning a Friday September 1st Grand Opening celebration. The Grand Opening Celebration is complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10AM and a day filled with fun and education. The days festivities include everything from a joint rolling competition to a workshop on how to grow mushrooms, from drag performance to a legal panel on Psychedelics and Cannabis.

“We have seen a great deal of success educating and servicing the hemp and psychedelic community in Tampa and we are excited to do the same for St Petersburg,” owner Carlos Hermida said. “Chillum has served as a celebration of alternative culture for Ybor City and the city of Tampa as a whole. We are so blessed to have been so successful that we can expand to our neighbor city.”

Last year, Chillum made a bit of a “media splash” when they announced that they will be carrying mushroom products and would be rebranding as a Mushroom Dispensary. Interest seemed to peak around one specific mushroom that Chillum added to its inventory, the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom. Chillum promoted this mushroom as a legal “magic” psychedelic mushroom. Claiming that consumption of the mushroom would give people a mild psychedelic experience.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) didn’t agree with the way Chillum promoted this mushroom, especially since the Amanita Muscaria isn’t approved for consumption by the FDA, upon further investigation the FDACS deemed the mushroom poisonous for human consumption.  On December 6th they visited Chillum’s Ybor city location and placed a stop sale on their Amanitas. Chillum complied with the stop sale but eventually began selling Amanitas again but for “education purposes” rather than for consuming for psychedelic effects. However, the FDACS didn’t go for this and placed another stop sale on the mushrooms earlier this month on August 8th.

“Although the days of this company selling Amanita Muscaria are over,” says Owner Carlos Hermida. “We are still staying true to our mission. Chillum will forever promote alternative culture and ‘shrooms’ and hemp are a big part of that. We still carry grow kits and functional mushrooms like lionsmane and reishi. Functional mushrooms are approved for consumption and some even provide benefits like focus or immunity!”

“The psychedelic industry may be new but it is very much established. That industry is already evolving and we look forward to providing those products in the future.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 10am sharp! After the ribbon cutting, the greatest event of all, Chillum will open its doors for business! Not only will the company be providing products like mushrooms and hemp but there is also a number of high quality vape products and glass pipes available.

But don’t call them bongs and don’t call Chillum a “Head shop”.

These aren’t your everyday pipes!

“The most expensive pipe we carry is two thousand dollars! Many of these pipes were blown by local glass artists that learned right here in St Pete,” explained Carlos Hermida. “A couple notable names will be here on the 1st performing live glass blowing demos for the grand opening. Sara Mac and Cambria will be collaborating on a piece of art that day that we will be putting up for sale in the store!”

Who: Chillum Mushroom and Hemp Dispensary 

What: Shroom Dispensary Opens in Downtown St Petersburg

Where: 1916 Central Ave, Unit B, St Petersburg, Fl 33712

When: Saturday, September 1st 2023 @ 10am

How: RSVP Here

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