Our History

what we've been up to all these years

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October 2022

Business Insider's look into our shop's founder and owner Carlos Hermida's philosophy and future plans with regard to "magic" mushrooms. We firmly believe that Amanita-based mushroom products will change the world!

September 2022

We did it! CL Tampa article regarding our shop being both Florida and the Nation's first Mushroom and Hemp Dispensary. Grow kits, spores and mycology cultures, functional mushrooms, and magic mushrooms all joined our stock after this momentous gain for holistic and alternative medicine!

November 2021

The Delta 9 Loophole

Delta 9 products first made their way into our store due to some interesting workarounds. Fox 13 goes into detail on how we're able to offer delta 9 and speculates on if that will be for much longer.

September 2021

CL Tampa Bay's Steve Miller (no, not that one) gives his review of our cannagar. Spoiler alert: He gets high.

February 2021

Turns out, not everyone was happy about that! Fox 13's article on us picking up D8, much to a local sheriff's dismay

March 2020

ABC Action News gets a few good ones in after one of Ybor's feathered friends stops in for a visit... and proceeds to destroy a thousand dollars in glass.

March 2020

Leafly's coverage of our owner's admonishment of organizations who were/are funded by corporate giants in the cannabis industry

April 2019

Reporter with Tampa Bay Times tells of her experience doing yoga at our shop after one of our signature $5 dabs

July 2018

WTSP/CBS Tampa 10's video report of our shop's opening. Looks like we were turning heads early!

June 2018

Tampa Bay Times' coverage of both the shop’s opening and our offering of THC-free CBD products