Three Exciting Kinds Of Products

We have a wide array of interesting products here at Chillum Dispensary – and that’s putting it mildly! Today, let’s talk about some of that in the context of the media coverage and word-of-mouth appeal that we’ve gotten in the community.

We’re really excited about what we’ve been able to do here, and what you see when you come in the door! So let’s go over that a bit. 

Mushroom Power

One of the big components of our dispensary is the legal mushroom products that we offer.

This is sort of based on a very new expansion of the market for these types of substances. Although historians know that they have been used in ancient societies for centuries, and modern doctors know that they have certain efficacy for both mental health and physical health therapeutics, up until recently these products were not seen on store shelves!

All of that has changed, though, to a large extent, and we have various strains of mushrooms here, together with things like spore kits and other supportive products. There’s a whole catalog that goes into DIY “shroom” production and then there’s the ready-to-use market that’s just as popular (if not more so.)

That allows our customers to explore their interest in these types of psychoactive natural fungi…


Now this is something special that we’ve been able to put together, and it’s been extremely well received, not just locally, but nationwide.

For example, you have Steve Miller coming to test the cannagar product, and he has this to say about its effect, as well as its packaging and general usability:

“The packaging was nice, a glass tube topped with a cork stopper held the pre-rolled canna-gar. I poured a bit of bourbon, put on some Alton Ellis, and fired up. It lit up fairly easily, and quickly began producing a very pleasing earthy, grassy smoke. I mentioned it at the start that I was not a cigar person but this was different, the mellow enjoyable flavor was not at all off putting. I was really digging it…”

Other people have been saying similar things as they try out our cannagars for the first time. To a lot of people, this is familiar in the sense of the traditional practice of using tobacco cigars to put cannabis in. But our Delta-8 variety has its own kind of holistic effects and design.

Other Delta-8 Stuff

As we point out on the website, Delta-8 is a product of its times.

With the rapid emergence of CBD and the legalization of marijuana for medical users, there’s now a middle ground in the Delta-8 substance based on lower THC content and less psychoreactivity than full marijuana, but more than CBD.

So you can see the specific uses of this at work.

That’s just a little bit about what we offer here: you can check out the rest of the blog and explore our site to find out how we’ve been able to help people find options in a very new market!

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