Ybor City Going From Cigar to Cannagar

Ybor City, Fl – The very foundation of Ybor City was built on taking a plant, rolling it up, and smoking it. Of course that plant was tobacco and they were smoking cigars.

Chillum Glass Gallery and Hemp Dispensary, the 1st Hemp Dispensary in Tampa Bay located in Ybor City, is now selling a hemp based cigar called a cannagar (canna-gar). This cannagar is basically a legal cigar that will get you stoned, utilizing a cannabinoid called Delta-8 THC, a legal cannabinoid similar to the THC present in cannabis.

The cannagars are just what they sound like, a cigar rolled out of hemp! However, these cigars are rolled with dried hemp leaves or dried rose petals.  The dried rose petals, although unorthodox, tend to offer a sweeter smoke.  Cannagars aren’t the only thing you can pick up to smoke at Chillum Hemp Dispensary, the dispensary also offers an assortment of hemp pre-rolled blunts, joints, moon rocks, and even loose flower!

“The cigar industry has been dwindling in Ybor for some time now,” says Carlos Hermida, owner Chillum Hemp Dispensary, “It is my hope that the Hemp industry can help revitalize the economy out here. Hemp Cannagars can help Ybor make the transition.”

Chillum has been selling Hemp based products in Ybor since 2018.  When they first opened, they almost exclusively sold CBD products, which are legal hemp-based products that claim to have medicinal value but don’t get you stoned. Last year, Chillum began offering Delta-8 THC, which is legal under the same laws that made CBD legal but gets you high just like cannabis! Since then, Chillum Hemp Dispensary has expanded their THC line to include everything from flower, vape carts, disposable vapes, gummies, chocolate, dabs, and canna-gars.  Delta-8 THC isn’t the only kind of THC they offer either. Delta-10 THC and THCO are also available.

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