10% THC Cap on Medical Cannabis Surfaces in Florida House

Now there is a initiative in the Florida House to limit the amount of THC in Florida’s medical cannabis to 10%. This matches a similar initiative in the Florida Senate, and that means it is in real danger of passing and becoming law.

The battle to limit the amount of THC in Florida’s medical marijuana has been going back and forth lately.  Republican Senator Gayle Harrell, from Stuart County, filed an Amendment attached to a larger health care package in an effort to get a 10% cap passed in the Florida Senate.  During a Senate Rules Committee, where the Amendment was being heard, it was reported that Harrel couldn’t answer questions about her own Amendment, stumbled over her own words, and then soon withdrew her own Amendment from the committee

The Amendment will be heard on the Senate floor!

Meaning, although Harrell embarrassed herself and withdrew the Amendment from the committee, it is still possible for this Amendment to pass and it is important to contact your Senator to advise them to vote against the Amendment.

Now there is a matching initiative in the Florida House! If both pass a 10% THC cap could become law!

Rep Ray Rodrigues is the latest Republican to enter back into the fight to limit our constitutional right to medical marijuana. His Amendment is similar to Harrell’s Amendment, in the way that it attempts to limit the amount of THC in medical cannabis for minors. His Amendment is called 434551 and is attached to HB 713.

HB 713 addresses the Children’s Medical Services Program and Florida Consortium of National Cancer Institute Centers Program, it is up Thursday on the House Special Order calendar.

The Amendment bars a….

“qualified patient under 21 years of age” from “marijuana that contains tetrahydrocannabiphorol or has a tetrahydrocannabinol potency, by weight or volume, of greater than 10 percent in the final product.”

“However, a physician may certify such qualified patient for marijuana with any potency of tetrahydrocannabinol which contains tetrahydrocannabiphorol, if the qualified patient is diagnosed with a terminal condition and the qualified physician indicates such on the physician certification,”

…the Amendment continues.

There seems to be all this concern about the developing brains of children.  Under our current medical cannabis system, two physicians are already needed to recommend cannabis to a minor.  If both these Amendments go through, then a third physician will be needed to allow the child to consume cannabis that will actually be helpful for them.

It is important to reach out to your local State Senator and House Representative. You need to influence them to vote NO! Tell them why this is a useless provision to our medical cannabis system and why this takes away our constitutional right to medicine.

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