3 Tampa Smoke Shops Robbed in 3 Days, Police Need Your Help

According to Police, three Tampa Smoke Shops have been robbed in three days of their cash… and their Backwoods…

Three armed robberies have taken place at local Tampa smoke shops, between December 16th-18th. It appears that all have been committed by the same armed suspect.

The suspect targeted the cash in the register and their stock of Backwoods blunts.

This kinda hits close to home for us at Chillum CBD because one of the shops that was robbed was Smoke Signals in Seminole Heights.  A store that we always looked to as a mentor in many ways due to their love of art, high end glass, and their professionalism.

We wanted to make sure that we put this post out in hopes of maybe finding this guy who tried to harm our brothers in this culture.

The shops that were robbed are:

  • Smoke Signals; 5128 N. Florida Ave
  • Villains Smoke Shop; 4947 Broadway Ave
  • Kings of Vapor; 6406 E. Fowler Ave

The suspect was seen wearing a construction helmet and driving an older model red Mercedes.

Police are asking for help finding the any information that could help with this case.

Please watch the following surveillance footage taken from the robbery at Smoke Signals:

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