Apply to Grow Hemp In Florida

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) is now accepting applications for farmers who are interested in growing hemp as one of their crops. Truth is, you don’t need much to qualify. All you really need is land that is zoned for agriculture! There is an application process though. The Florida Hemp Grower’s Alliance is working to ensure that farmers sign up and get assistance when necessary. They recently emailed out information to help farmers sign up and we thought it was valuable information. So we decided to share!

What Do I Need to Do to Get a License to Cultivate Hemp?

You do need to fill out an application. The online application portal is available on the FDACS Hemp Cultivation Licensing Page. Before filling out an application we suggest reviewing the following documents. Some of these documents have been provided by the FDACS and some are provided by the Florida Hemp Growers Alliance. This will ensure that filling out the application will be easy and expedite the process. If you are interested in growing hemp in Florida then we highly suggest joining the Florida Hemp Growers Alliance for their valuable assistance.

Review these documents before filling out the application:

1) FHGA Application Guide
2) Checklist
3) Containment Guidance
4) Sample Plan

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