Cannabis Could Block Coronavirus Infection Canadian Study Finds

Cannabis extracts could have the potential in making people more resistant to the coronavirus. I’m not saying this because I have my medical marijuana card, this is research that is being done in Alberta, Canada.

Researchers at the University of Lethbridge have sifted through 400 different cannabis strains and have narrowed down a dozen cannabis strains that show promising results in ensuring less of a chance of contracting the virus.

“A number of them have reduced the number of these (virus) receptors by 73 per cent, the chance of it getting in is much lower,” said biological scientist Dr. Igor Kovalchuk. “If they can reduce the number of receptors, there’s much less chance of getting infected.”

It is unclear what exactly is the active ingredient in these strains that could be reducing the risk of infection. It might not even be THC or CBD, it could also be several components.

“We focus more on the higher CBD because people can take higher doses and not be impaired,” said Kovalchuk.


The results of these preliminary studies shouldn’t by any means be considered an endorsement of cannabis in these trying times. COVID-19 is a severe respiratory illness that is known to aggressively attack the lungs. As such, those who smoke tobacco or marijuana might be at particular risk.

Research on cannabis as a COVID-19 treatment is still ongoing and it will likely take a long time before we have clear answers. In the meantime, don’t self-medicate and risk making matters worse.

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