Cannabis Employees are in High Demand During the COVID-19 Crash

Seems like what was once an overly saturated market for cannabis experts is now staffing up and hiring more and more people.  Cannabis experts are in high demand during the COVID-19 economic crash. 

Before the coronavirus, everyone who smoked weed and aspired to get into the industry was a cannabis expert. It was hard to find good employment in this industry because there were so many people looking to work with cannabis with a limited amount of employment available.

Now, with the COVID-19 scare and the fact that many states have decided to consider their cannabis industry essential those companies that were in strong financial shape have been hiring additional workers in response to a high demand for cannabis products.

POLITICO reported recently that they spoke to companies in more than half a dozen states that claimed to be adding thousands of workers despite the pandemic.

Trulieve has added 250 retail workers in Florida just since the Covid-19 outbreak began.  They even opened a new location and have plans to add even more workers to their workforce.  AltMed Florida has opened 10 additional dispensaries since mid-March, doubling its retail footprint, with plans for more outlets in the works.  Curaleaf’s CEO Joseph Lusardi said his company has seen a 300 percent increase in demand for medical cannabis products.

The fact is that even with the COVID-19 outbreak, the cannabis industry has still been able to grow. Sales did skyrocket at the beginning of the pandemic, but have since leveled back off. Some even speculated that the coronavirus could be harmful for the industry. But the outcome is the industry has continued to grow.

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