Cannabis Sales Skyrocket in Florida Due to Coronavirus

Cannabis sales seem to be skyrocketing during this coronavirus scare.  A few weeks ago, when the corona virus was first becoming a “thing”, we posted an article about how the corona virus could hurt the cannabis industry.  The idea was, with an already struggling economy, and the fact that private cannabis investors are starting to get cold feet with their investments, the coronavirus could hurt our economy even more and hence hurt the cannabis industry.

Well, we were wrong! 

The coronavirus pandemic has turned life as know it upside down! It has helped some industries, like grocery stores, and has threaten to the existence of others, like hotels and restaurants.  What has the coronavirus done to the cannabis industry?

What we didn’t count on is states that have legalized cannabis are deeming their cannabis dispensaries as essential businesses. Apparently no states have shut down their cannabis dispensaries!

These dispensaries have had to take certain measures to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. In a recent interview with New Cannabis Ventures Trulieve CEO, Kim Rivers, discussed what they are doing to keep their dispensaries safe.  They have had to resort to scanning the temperature of their employees when they arrive to work and would send them home immediately.  They have also started to offer free delivery to customers who are 65 and older.

I know the Trulieve that I frequent no longer allows for people to wait in their lobby.  They take your card at the door, tell you this is an opportune time to run an errand, and send you a text when they are ready for you to enter the dispensary.

Trulieve is the dominant medical cannabis company in Florida, with dispensaries all over the state.  MUV, another Florida dispensary, has taken up some extra sanitary measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

But after taking all those safety precautions, sales have grown substantially last week.  According to data from the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use the state has seen the following increase:

  • Medical Cannabis 39% increase (by milligrams of THC)
  • Low-THC Cannabis 23% increase (by milligrams of CBD)
  • Cannabis Flower 38% increase (by the ounce)  

So it seems like cannabis patients are stocking up for a quarantine. It also seems like they will be able to purchase more during a quarantine since cannabis dispensaries aren’t shutting down anytime soon.  Looks like people need cannabis during such a crisis more than ever

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