Coronavirus, CBD, and Cannabis

The United States is up in arms about the coronavirus.  So much so, people are afraid to go out in public and be social. Cannabis can certainly be a social event.  There is nothing better than smoking with a group of your friends!  Even though now isn’t the best time to be social, we don’t want you to be left out of a rotation! 

Here is what you need to know about Cannabis, CBD and The Corona Virus

Stop Sharing Your Blunt, Joints, or Pipes

Here is an idea! You don’t need to pass around the joint, blunt, our water pipe!  Making an agreement with your friends that everyone is going to bring their own is going to seriously help reduce the passing of germs.

But! We can understand if you don’t want to break tradition.  Here is an idea to be safe and not break the rotation!

Wash Your Filthy Hands

Maybe you don’t need to take this advice, cause you aren’t a nasty human and you realize that dirty hands are a good way to pass germs and get yourself and others sick.  But! We need to remind you!  Wash your hands!  That is the best way to stop the spread of this disease. 

If you are going to be breaking up your favorite hemp or cannabis flower, and then rolling the joint, we are going to have to insist that you wash your hands first!  Don’t forget you gotta pass it with those nasty hands!  Do everyone a favor and wash those hands before you jump into a rotation.

Medical Cannabis isn’t Helpful for Coronavirus: Don’t Buy It

CBD companies shouldn’t be making medical claims, and this is a new disease so there isn’t any research on the effects of cannabis on the coronavirus. Don’t believe the hype. CBD and Cannabis can be great for a lot of things, but we have to admit… this isn’t one of them!

Cannabis isn’t going to keep you from getting this virus and it won’t be helpful for treating the symptoms. Don’t buy the hype.

Don’t Touch Me!

Try to avoid unnecessary contact with others. Stop shaking hands. Don’t even fist bump. Waving and saying hello is going to be enough.  Don’t quarantine yourself, but take precaution.

Look Out for the Symptoms

Be alert if anyone in the rotation is displaying any of the following symptoms…

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient, or traveled recently to an area with ongoing spread.

Bring Your Own Piece

If you don’t want to share then make sure you come prepared. Bring a small little piece or a chillum to use so you don’t miss out on any fun.  If you want to be polite then bring your own flower.  

Don’t Forget About What the Coronavirus Can Do to the Cannabis Industry

So…. Real estate interest rates are really low and that is normally a sign that we are about to go into a recession. The biggest issue with this is the coronavirus has basically frozen trade. The cannabis industry is going through some issues too. Investments have always been difficult to find through financial institution and private investor interest in the cannabis industry seems to be receding. That is a recipe a recipe for disaster. The coronavirus could infect the cannabis industry after all.

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