Don’t Bring Cannabis Oils Back from Florida! Canada Warns Snowbirds due to Coronavirus

The Canadian government warned Florida snowbirds not to come back to Canada with CBD or THC oil, due to the coronavirus scare.

Canadian is going through a corona virus scare just like the US. There is a large group of people whom we call “snowbirds” here in Florida.  These “snowbirds” spend the winter here, when the weather clears up in their northern homes, they go back up north. Come next year, they fly south for the winter again. Some of these “snowbirds” come from Canada. These “snowbirds” are being asked, by the Canadian government to self-isolate for 14 days to curb the spread of COVID-19 upon their return to Canada. Not only that, but they are specifically being asked to not bring home any CBD or THC products from Florida!

In a press release issued Tuesday, the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) and the non-for-profit Canadian Snowbird Association shared a few tips so that Canadian “snowbirds” can have a “smooth return” to their home country this spring.

Of course, they urged anyone traveling back to the country who develops a fever, cough, or has difficulty breathing to tell a CBSA officer or to visit a health care provider, but they also warned against bringing back any oils that contain THC or CBD.  THC and CBD oil is allowed only if it is permitted by Health Canada.

Precautions Taken By Florida’s Medical Marijuana System

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC) have taken precautions during the coronavirus scare. It’s probably best not to bring anything you get at an MMTC back to Canada with you. Cannabis is still a controlled substance by federal law, and you could see jail time trying to sneak it past customs.

What about Using Medical Marijuana in Florida?

Just because there is a coronavirus scare, doesn’t mean Florida medical marijuana patients shouldn’t safely and legally use your Florida medical marijuana while in the State. Florida’ medical marijuana patients have a constitutional right to their medicine after all. You should; however, take precautions if you plan on using cannabis or hemp during this time.

Isn’t Taking Medical Marijuana Back to Canada Already Illegal?

We found this reminder by the Canadian government to be interesting because exporting THC from the United States is illegal by US law. Plus researching this issue a bit further we found that CBD is illegal to bring into Canada regardless of how much THC is in it. Even if it contains zero THC. Also, it would be impossible to find cannabis grown in the US that has been permitted by Health Canada since they only permit Canadian growers.

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