FDA Reports Potential Regulations for CBD to Congress

The FDA has finally released its report to Congress on the potential regulations for the sale of hemp derived CBD products.

Didn’t take much time after the Commissioner of the FDA made a public statement of how they weren’t looking to ban CBD products. Specifically stating that it would be a “fool’s game” to ban CBD products. Certainly looks like the FDA is making some serious “baby steps” on releasing some real CBD regulations!

It’s not like we should celebrate.

They are still wasting time on releasing any real cbd regulations, making the usual claim that more study is needed on CBD. This delay keeps farmer from profiting off a potentially new crop and keeps the CBD market unregulated and looking like the wild west.

But the report does give insight on how they plan to proceed on figuring out these cbd regulations.

How The FDA Plans to Proceed with CBD Regulations:

  • FDA is actively evaluating a potential rulemaking to allow CBD in dietary supplements. In the meantime, the agency is considering the issuance of a risk-based enforcement discretion policy to provide more transparency regarding its enforcement priorities.
  • Regarding adding CBD to food and beverages, FDA maintains that the data currently available raises safety concerns and encourages parties to share relevant information with FDA.
  • FDA argues that those marketing cosmetics should ensure the safety of their products, noting that there is limited data on topical use of CBD, and that topical products – including those with CBD – should not make structure/function or therapeutic (drug) claims.
  • FDA is re-opening the docket to obtain information on “full spectrum” and “broad spectrum” hemp extracts, and how they compare to CBD isolate products. The agency is also actively working to develop a sampling study of the CBD marketplace to determine the extent to which products are adulterated or misbranded.

This offers some hope that action on figuring out CBD regulations is inevitable.

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