Florida Lawmaker Introducing Magic Mushroom Legalization

Florida is making history yet again!  State Rep. Michael Grieco, a Democrat representing Miami Beach in the state Legislature, is coming out with the first legal push for psilocybin on the east coast of the US and the first push for magic mushroom legalization in a red state.    What Grieco is proposing not only includes legal access but also consumption.

State Rep. Michael Grieco is planning to introduce a bill that would legalize magic mushrooms for assisted therapy in the Florida.

The bills language is yet to be finalized but Grieco claims that the bill will model Measure 109 in Oregon. Which is a recently approved voter initiative in Oregon. Measure 109 directs the Oregon Department of Public Health to allow therapists to provide psilocybin to patents under their care suffering from depression, PTSD, and other mental health problems.

In Florida, access would be limited to people with a diagnosis of a mental health condition. That means veterans diagnosed PTSD would have access. A big deal in Florida since there are at least 1.5 million military veterans in the state.

Legalization of the Magic Mushroom is most likely to hit opposition if the bill ever makes its way to Tallahassee. Meaning the bill is unlikely to pass. However, the bill will trigger a conversation, and hopefully interest from the local universities to study psilocybin’s benefits. Also, there is hope that an interest could arise from voters as well.

If we look to the cannabis movement, Florida is more likely to pass such legislation by a voter initiative rather than passing legislation. As stated above, this is a red state….

However, the conversation has opened up in the halls of Tallahassee and that only means progress is coming!

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