Florida Senate Will Vote on a THC Cap Wednesday

Wednesday the Florida Senate will be voting on a capping the amount of THC available for medical marijuana patients under the age of 21.  SB 230 will be heard by the Florida Senate by special order Wednesday, March 11th.  If the Senate votes this in wednesday it will become law!

Florida’s Legislature Wants to Limit THC Really Bad this Year

Florida’s legislature has been trying harder than ever this season to cap the amount of THC available to minors.  It has been a long road this session. Initiatives have been passed already and some have even gone up in smoke!

Florida’s House has Already Passed a THC Cap

The Florida House has already passed a THC cap!  There were talks earlier on in session about how much certain conservative reps in the Florida house felt like a THC cap should be a priority for this year’s session. It was then introduced by Rep Ray Rodrigues as part of a larger healthcare packageIt was passed by a voice vote.

Attempts to Cap THC By Florida’s Senate

It was also introduced into the Florida Senate earlier this session as an amendment to a larger healthcare package. This was orchestrated by Senator Gayle Harrell and heard by Senate committee earlier this year. When questioned about her amendment Harrell stumbled over her words and was unable to answer.  She later withdrew her amendment from the Senate Committee. 

Our Last Chance to Stop a THC Cap

Senate Bill 230 is is the larger was the larger healthcare package that Harrell attached her THC Cap amendment to.  Although Harrell withdrew it from committee it is still up for a vote and can potentially become law.

Since the THC Cap has already passed in the Florida House, it will become law if passed in the Senate.

Senate Bill 230 will also affect the medicated edible supply limits (once edibles are available), daily supply limits, and bans THCP (there is no real way to test for THCP at this time).

Tomorrow is our last chance! 

We must reach out to our Senators and let them know that we are tired of having our constitutional right to cannabis restricted.  Reach out to them and let them know that if they continue to vote against cannabis reform then we will vote them out!  That we will make room for someone who is willing to represent the will of the people.

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