Free Halloween Weed Candy isn’t a Real Thing: The Lie that Won’t Die

Anyone that warns you about THC laced Halloween candy obviously doesn’t know how much a good edible cost.

Sociology professor at the University of Delaware, Joel Best, has been researching the topic since 1983, and he told the New York Times that he’s found no actual evidence of it happening. Despite fear mongering post by local police departments.

Weed Costs Too Much

Take a look at the listings for edibles on any Florida dispensary website. They charge at least $25 for a bag of 100 mg chocolate. Prices on the black market are a little harder to verify but you can take our word for it… they are expensive!

“This spreads primarily among people who have no idea what this stuff costs,”

Sociology professor at the University of Delaware, Joel Best said.

Best’s work shows a long line of Tricks disguised of treats might have something to do with the stigma.  It’s unfortunate, but Halloween has a long history of evil people trying to harm children. Please check your kid’s Halloween candy for harmful thing before you let them dig in. For years evil people have been trying to slip razor blades in apples and wires in twizzlers. Best even outlines the first ever recorded trick disguised as a treat, in 1959 a dentist handed out laxative pills coated in chocolate.

But hear is the thing about all these tricks… They don’t cost a lot of money. Weed however, cost a lot of money. I would imagine there would be a lot less reports of razor blades in apples if razor blades cost $25 a piece.

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