House of Representatives Votes to End Marijuana Prohibition

History was made today! The US House of Representatives approved the MORE Act!  The MORE Act is a bill that would end the federal prohibition of cannabis.

The MORE Act was officially passed by a vote of 228-164 at 1:!0pm on Friday, Dec. 4th!  This date marks the first time since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 that Congress has made an action on cannabis. Granted the Marihuana Tax Act was a prohibitionist act while the MORE Act seeks to decriminalize.

The next move for the MORE Act is the Senate. Where it’s widely expected to be blocked by Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader and big time prohibitionist.

Although the MORE Act still has a chance of passing the senate.  This seems to depend on the runoff election in Georgia.  Apparently two Democrats are challenging the two Republicans currently holding the seats.  If both Dems win, then the Senate would actually shift to Democrat control. If the Senate shifts to Democrat control then the MORE Act has a possibility of making some real changes.

Here is What the MORE Act Would Do:

  • Remove Cannabis from the list of controlled substances
  • Establish a federal tax on cannabis
  • Reinvest weed taxes into the communities most adversely affected by the drug war.
  • Establish an SBA loan for people in those communities affected by the drug war
  • Expunge and seal federal marijuana arrests and convictions

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