How to Legalize Cannabis in Florida: Thanks to Rep Carlos G. Smith

The only way to legalize cannabis in the State of Florida is to vote out bad politicians. We voted to legalize all forms of the cannabis plant by a landslide, about 72%, back in 2016. It is the will of the people of the State of Florida to have safe legal access to cannabis. Yet, our legislature is still attempting to limit our access to the cannabis plant, and we still don’t have edibles in this state!

Ok! So the “big thing” going on in the Florida’s cannabis system is our legislature trying to limit the amount of THC available for certain cannabis patients. Today, this initiative actually passed in the Florida House of Representatives. Regardless of how ridiculous it is, we have data now of politicians working against the cannabis reform.

Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith has always been a friend to safe and legal cannabis use. His amendment was rejected; however, he might not have realized it, but he has provided us a great list of people who need to be voted out of office cause they don’t work for the will of the Florida voter.

After Smith’s amendment was rejected, he tweeted a list of Representatives who voted against his call to remove the 10% THC cap. Those in red are the reason why Floridians don’t have safe and legal access to a medicine that they have a constitutional right to! They need to be voted out of office.

Smith’s amendment is literally an amendment against cannabis prohibition. Those who struck it down are in favor of prohibiting cannabis! This is a good guide to find politicians who oppose this plant!

So there you have it! As the short history of Florida’s cannabis system tells us, it isn’t enough to vote for cannabis reform, we have to vote bad politicians out of office. If cannabis legalization is important for you, then make sure you don’t vote for the people in red on this list. If they are your district’s representative then you have a responsibility to vote them out!

As you may know the vote is coming up! Come November we decide who best fits the will of the Florida voter. From the amount of red names in the above list, it seems we haven’t been voting this way in the past! So lets make a conscious effort to turn things around!

Thanks Rep Carlos G. Smith!

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