Lawmakers Intend for More Pot and Less Hemp in Florida

Progress might be coming to the Florida cannabis industry, but it could mean more regulations for hemp products. Democrats and Republicans are coming together to push a major cannabis and hemp reform bill.

This reform bill, HB 679, sponsored by Reps. Andrew Learned, D-Brandon, and Spencer Roach, R-North Fort Myers, would do a few things to expand the Florida cannabis industry and would also subject hemp to more regulation.

As far as the hemp industry is concerned, products containing Delta-8 THC would have to be registered with the state and they would only be avaible to ages 21 and older. But this could also potentially mean less THC-O and HHC products.

As far as medical marijuana is concerned it also would:

  • Expand the use of telehealth in medical marijuana.
  • Restrict medical marijuana advertising.
  • Require doctors to complete a six-hour training course before they are cleared to recommend marijuana to patients.
  • Expand cannabis patients’ registration cards to last two years instead of one.
  • Restrict medical marijuana companies from sitting on an inactive license, then flipping it for a profit.
  • Create a new Medical Marijuana Testing Advisory Council and expand regulations around the testing of marijuana products.

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