Legalize Marijuana: Regulate Florida Intros New Petition

Regulate Florida is back and is trying to legalize the adult use of cannabis in the state of Florida. This would be their second attempt at legalizing marijuana in the sunshine state. Regulate attempted to legalize the herb by a petition initiative that was shut down by the Supreme Court of Florida last year. The group particularly concerns themselves not just with legalizing cannabis for adults but also allowing Floridians the freedom to grow the plant for their own personal consumption.

Regulate Florida’s 1st Attempt at Legalizing Cannabis

Regulate Florida aimed to bring cannabis legalization to a vote last year in the form of a proposed Florida constitutional amendment.  In order to do this, Regulate Florida had to receive almost 800,000 signatures by registered Florida voters, on a petition, to bring the Amendment up for a vote. The group failed and did not receive enough signatures to bring the amendment up for a vote.  However, they did receive enough votes to bring the petition to supreme court review. The Florida Supreme Court then shut down the amendment stating that its language was misleading in its intent to regulate marijuana in the way the group was claiming. This ended Regulate Florida’s efforts thus far.

Regulate Florida is Back and Ready to Legalize it!

But Regulate Florida isn’t discouraged, and they are ready to legalize cannabis in Florida! Just a few days ago they release the language to yet another amendment that they will be petitioning to add to the Florida constitution.

Karen Goldstein of NORML of Florida and Regulate Florida points out that prohibiting cannabis has not worked in the past and still doesn't. It is time to legalize cannabis.

Here are a few take away from the proposed amendment:

  • Adults, 21 and up, would be allowed to possess, use, process, display, make marijuana products, or transport marijuana and marijuana products in quantities reasonably indicative of personal use, but shall not make marijuana or marijuana products available for sale
  • Each responsible adult cannabis user will be allowed 9 plants
    • 18 max per household (only if there is more than one adult in the household)
    • Plants must be grown indoor or in a greenhouse
  • All cannabis must be locked away from public view
  • The Florida legislature will NOT limit the amount of THC available

You can read the entire ballot language on their website.  If you agree with the language and goal of the petition, you can also download the petition, print it, sign it, and mail it in to the address they provided.

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