Longest Serving Cannabis Inmate Released from Florida Prison

Richard DeLisi spent 31 years behind bars for selling weed.   Now 71 years old he was just released from prison last Tuesday.

DeLisi is the longest-serving inmate for a nonviolent marijuana crime.  He was sentenced back in 1989 to a 90 year term in a Polk County courtroom for conspiracy to traffic in cannabis and a violation of RICO Act.  He was obviously made an example of in the system.

This is an example as to why cannabis laws are harmful.  This man spent more time in jail than most sex offenders and was only selling cannabis, which is legal in most of the US in this point.

Richard Delisi seen here leaving a Palm Beach jail. He served the longest sentence for trafficking cannabis

After leaning the prison in Palm Beach County, DeLisi gathered with his family and the attorneys that worked on his release.

He now plans to live with his brother in law and help reform our broken prison system.

``The system needs to change and I'm going to try my best to be an activist,`` he told reporters Thursday.
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