Medical Cannabis Edibles are Coming Soon to Florida

Rules for the production of medical cannabis edibles are out for the State of Florida. And it is about time!  Floridians have certainly become used to the slow progress of their medical cannabis system.

Medical cannabis was legalized in Florida back in 2016.  Voters passed a constitutional Amendment by a landslide of about 72% in favor of legalizing all forms of the cannabis plant for medical purposes!  Smokable forms of medical cannabis just became available last year.  It is 2020 now and we are just about to have edibles available to us.

Implementation of Florida’s medical cannabis system was done in baby steps to say the least.

But hey!  Edibles are on their way and regardless of how long it took, it is a good thing to have this form of medical cannabis available soon.

The Florida Department of Health is in charge of regulating cannabis in Florida, but in order to regulate cannabis edibles, the Department of Health is teaming up with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).  This “team up” is pursuant to Section 381.986, Florida Statutes (F.S.).

The FDACS has now officially released the rules for Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers to apply for a permit to produce food with cannabis infused in it. Only currently licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC) can apply, but the application is up on the FDACS website.

There are only seven steps for MMTCs to apply for their permit:

  1. Review the Minimum Construction Standards
  2. (Optional) Apply for a Voluntary Plan Review
  3. Ensure You Meet All Processing Requirements
  4. Provide a List of Edibles to be Produced
  5. Provide Documentation of an Approved Water and Sewer System
  6. Apply for a Permit When We Begin Accepting Applications
    • Effective on 3/16
  7. Pay Your Permit Fees

Again, only licensed MMTCs need apply. Unfortunately, Floridian’s looking to quit their job and open a business to produce edible cannabis products are not allowed to…. Yet!

Baby steps!  We will soon have all forms of cannabis available to us.  Our next steps could be to open up the business to smaller business owners.

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