Minor Cannabis Convictions Could be Forgiven Soon in Florida

Thousands of people in Florida could see their misdemeanor cannabis convictions erased away if a new bill by State Senator Randolph Bracy become law.

Bracy announced this new legislation on Tuesday at a press conference in front of a Medical Marijuana Treatment center named Curaleaf. The bill will be introduced during next years session, 2021.

Senator Randolph Bracy is one of the few Florida legislature working to help minorities that have fallen victim to these unjust cannabis laws

The bill will apply to misdemeanor cannabis convictions, which includes the distribution or possession of cannabis of less than 20 grams. Although the bill will not expunge your record, it would make it a lot easier for people with these convictions to do so. Another plus is that all court fees to clear these records will be waived. In doing so, it would create a pathway for many minorities in Florida to clear up their record. Seeing how minorities are more likely to get arrested for cannabis possession.

Although the bill will apply to misdemeanor convictions, felonies convictions for cannabis will remain untouched. Bracy expects bipartisan support for the bill and hopes that this will inspire more lawmakers to push for broader criminal justice reform related to cannabis.

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