NBA Players are “Hot Boxing” in the Playoff Bubble

Looks like NBA players are gonna be smoking a lot of pot during their quarantine bubble!

Let’s not sugar coat it.  NBA players are spoiled. Not saying anything bad!  Just saying most these men are millionaires now and are used to a certain kind of life.

You may have heard about the “NBA Bubble”, devised to ensure an NBA basketball season this year despite the coronavirus.  In an effort to make sure these players are safe and can still play the game they make so much money playing, these guys are now cut off from the outside world and living in a hotel in Disney!  

Brilliant? Probably! 

This will ensure safety and allow for the NBA season to go on for all of its adoring fans. But let’s take a look at what’s really going on! What is going on with the players?

Now these spoiled millionaires are to stay in average hotel rooms and eat average food. Chances are these guys are gonna be bored out of their minds! Chances are they are going to sneak in a bunch of weed to smoke during their down time!

But don’t NBA players get tested for drugs?

Actually…. The NBA announced that it isn’t testing for recreational drugs throughout the duration of the bubble. Which is a pretty good sign that the NBA doesn’t mind if their players are smoking weed during the bubble!

“Bring more than you think you’re going to need,” Al Harrington, an NBA veteran who reinvented himself as a cannabis entrepreneur, told The Athletic. “You might have that teammate who’s never smoked and might want to try it since they’re stuck in a bubble. So you might be supplying other people.”

“When you think about it, it’s damn near inhumane for them not to have marijuana,” Harrington said. “These guys are going to need something to get away. Normally in the course of the season, the playoffs, if you have a bad game, you have a bad turnover to lose the game, you get to go home and see your kids. In this bubble situation, you can’t get away from the bad game. From a mental wellness standpoint, they’re going to need vices. If I had to choose as an owner, I’m choosing cannabis over them taking pills, over them drinking liquor and being dehydrated. You’re going to need THC in the bubble.”

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