Planet 13 is Coming to Florida

The largest cannabis dispensary in the US is coming to Florida.  You may have had the opportunity to visit Planet 13 the last time you visited Las Vegas.  It is quite the experience. The place is huge, basically feels like you are going to shop at some sort of fancy Disneyland weed Costco.

Planet 13 has agreed to purchase a Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center license from Harvest Health & Recreation. The Las Vegas based company, Planet 13 Holdings, will purchase the license for $55 million and will start a new company called Planet 13 Florida. This company will be licensed to cultivate, process, transport, and sell medical marijuana in the state. They plan to build cultivation and retail in the metropolitan tourist areas of the state like Miami and Orlando.

“Florida has long been one of our most coveted markets with over 20 million residents, 130 million annual visitors and incredible consumer demand already demonstrated in the medical program,” Larry Scheffler, co-CEO of Planet 13, said in the release. “It was important for us to enter the market prior to a transition to adult-use to put the pieces in place to capitalize on this market in both the short and long term.”

Planet 13’s acquisition of the license does depend on certain conditions. Harvest’s license is available because Trulieve is in the middle of acquiring the company.  Once the acquisition is complete the license will be available.  Even though the license is available the State Health Department’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use will still need to approve Planet 13 to buy the license.

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