Sarasota County Asks to Opt Out if Cannabis is Legalized in Florida

Sarasota County officials are making it clear that they don’t want to allow adult use cannabis. Commissioners will be crafting a resolution that would give Sarasota County “home rule authority” over adult use cannabis.

Let us be clear, adult use cannabis hasn’t passed in Florida. Not yet at least….

There are a few bills in the Florida House and the Senate that would allow for adult use cannabis.  If our lawmakers don’t pass adult use, then there is a high likelihood that we will see a constitutional amendment up for a vote in 2022.

However, Sarasota county officials have made it clear that they don’t want legal pot in their county. Not only that but they have even been lobbying the state to keep adult use from passing. Appointing Rob Lewis, who is the head of the county’s government and business relations department, to stop legalization or at least add legislation to the inevitable that would allow for Sarasota County not to participate.

This is in direct opposition with the city of Sarasota, which recently decriminalized small amounts of marijuana.

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