Sen Brandes and FL Veterans Stand Against a 10% THC Cap on Medical Cannabis

Florida’s Senator Jeff Brandes gathered with military vets, last Tuesday, to combat the 10% THC cap on medical marijuana that some of his Republican counterparts are trying to pass. Brandes is not only a Republican senator but has always championed cannabis reform in Florida.  He has also written and is pushing bipartisan legislation that would legalize the adult use of cannabis!

Another republican, Senator Jose Oliva is responsible for pushing for the 10% THC cap. Making it a bit of a “priority” for this legislative session. Of course, using uneducated claims to back up why a cap should be so important.  Actually, claiming that strains in Europe can produce “schizophrenic results, especially in young, developing brains”

Last Tuesday, Brandes and members of Veterans Cannabis Project came together to counter Oliva’s position on the THC cap. The veterans that joined Brandes shared stories of why they  used cannabis to treat their PTSD and other physically debilitating conditions they received by fighting for their country.  They also explained why cannabis with less than 10% THC wouldn’t be enough to give them the proper care.

“Florida has turned the corner on medical cannabis,” Brandes said, noting that in the Senate, there is “broad support against the cap.”

Brandes also showed concern about the THC cap sneaking its way in other legislation.   Saying that a THC cap can easily find its way into some sort of “vaping 21” legislation.

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