THC Cap Dies in Florida House

The initiative to cap the amount of THC for minors in Florida’s Medical Marijuana system has finally died!

In the last bit of the 2020 Florida legislative season, the Florida House killed off an effort to limit the amount of THC available for minors in Florida’s Medical Marijuana system to less than 10% THC.

The Florida House had already passed an amendment to a larger initiative that included the THC cap. However, for the cap to become law the Florida Senate had to pass a similar initiative.  The Senate ended up stripping the THC cap from the initiative and sending it back to the Florida House. The House then unanimously passed a version of the bill without the THC cap.

It has been a long road and Chillum CBD Dispensary has been following the whole ordeal.  It is a shame that Floridians must fight so hard for their constitutional right to medical cannabis, but it is a relief that the cap ended up not passing this session.

Capping THC was first made a priority by House Speaker José Oliva, R-Miami Lakes. Oliva and other proponents of the THC cap would cite the stigma that it is “detrimental to a developing brain” hence the need to restrict THC to minors. Fortunately, despite these prohibitionists efforts, children who need medical cannabis will still have useful strains available to them.

Fortunately, the measure was not so well received in the Florida Senate. The Senate is a much more moderate side of Florida’s political system and even Republican Senators like Jeff Brandes opposed the cap.

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