THC Cap on Medical Cannabis is Withdrawn From Florida Senate Committee

We aren’t going to have to worry about the Florida Legislature attempting to limit the amount of THC in our medical cannabis.

At least for now!

The THC Cap will be reintroduced on the Senate floor.

There have been a number of rumors circulating about Florida Legislature attempting to put a 10% cap on the amount of THC allowed in medical cannabis. The rumors became so worrisome that lobbying efforts and rallies were even organized to try to influence our conservative lawmakers to not introduce such a restrictive law.

Then, in seemingly an effort to go against the will of the Florida people, Senator Gayle Harrell, a Republican Senator from Stuart, filed an amendment attached to a larger health care package, to try and sneak a 10% THC cap on our medical cannabis system. It seemed as though she was trying to sneak this provision in without anybody noticing, attaching it to a larger package rather than introducing legislation solely for the purpose of capping THC percentages.

A Senate Rules Committee heard the Health Care Package earlier today. Activists from all over the state attended the committee to discuss why the THC cap would be harmful.

It has been reported by these activists social media accounts that Harrell was unable to answer questions when asked about the proposed cap, and withdrew the amendment halfway through the committee hearing.

Here are some screenshots of the above mentioned activists posts. Their names have been struck out for their privacy.

The THC Cap includes smokable flower and its derivatives, tinctures and concentrates, for those under the age of 21.

Fellow Republican to Harrell, and a proven cannabis friendly Senator, Jeff Brandes, questioned Harrell during the committee, which seems to be what the above activist were discussing. Apparently asking why the Amendment seemed so important to Harrell and why it was introduced so late.

Specifically, Brandes asked why the Amendment was filled on “day fifty something” of the legislative season. Also asked why physicians needed to sign off on more than 10% THC for children when two physicians are already needed to recommend cannabis in the first place. Harrell apparently stumbled and could only cite that she was concerned with the brain development of the children using medical cannabis. She then withdrew her Amendment.

It is still possible that there could be another attempt to sneak it in. If there is, and we are made aware of it, we will do what we can to report on the situation and how you can help. The amendment was withdrawn from committee today, but it will be introduced on the Senate floor so it is still capable of passing. We will let you know when that comes up as well. Again, it is important to call your senator and tell them why a THC cap goes against the will of the Florida people.

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