The First Food and Cannabis Drive Thru in the Country

The first food and cannabis drive thru in the country is also the first cannabis consumption lounge.

Last October, the first cannabis consumption lounge in the United States opened its doors.  Times have been tough.  Since opening the lounge went through a rebranding, now called OG Cannabis Café.  Also, the original partner, Lowell Herb Co., have split with the venture. Now, the place can’t even open for regular operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the establishments license with the city, OG Cannabis Café is not allowed to operate as a cannabis dispensary. This means that its customers must consume their products onsite and cannot leave the premises with cannabis. So, this kept them from taking advantage of being considered an essential medical marijuana establishment. Finally, the city made an exception for the café. 

Now OG Cannabis Café is not only the first cannabis café in the country but they are also the first drive through food and cannabis establishment.  Which could not be a better pairing if you ask us!

“The city has been incredibly supportive,” says Sarah Dale, a co-owner and co-founder, “West Hollywood is the only city allowing and regulating cannabis lounges. And we’re the only lounge that’s actually been able to open.”

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