UK Vigilante Giving Out Free Weed for COVID-19 Lockdown

A masked vigilante is driving around the streets of Manchester handing out free toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and FREE WEED!!!!

You might have heard about the masked vigilante that goes by the name of Outlaw. He has been in the news before for handing out money and weed to the homeless!

Now Outlaw is back and is doing his best to help people who are stuck in their homes!  He is making sure people are stocked up on essential goods and he obviously feels cannabis is essential.  He has handed out about 800 euros worth so far to gratefully Manchester residents.

Outlaw said: “This week I’ve given away over 300 packs of toilet roll, four ounces of cannabis, hundreds of small sanitizer pots and six large crates of bottled water.  I was cruising at 4mph in the middle of the road, city center and outskirts of Manchester, playing Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy through a large speaker in the back of the van.”

In a video Outlaw can be seen loading his van with a sign on the door that says “Free Isolation Essentials. Toilet Roll – Sanitizer – Bottled Water. Mini Grinders – Raws – Pre Rolls – Bud”.

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