United Nations Considers Cannabis Rescheduling

At this point, the lack of federal cannabis reform has become a bit of an embarrassment. It is obvious that American citizens are eager for cannabis change.  We are almost at 40 states that have legalized cannabis, and it has become a deciding factor for who we are voting for President.  Almost all democratic candidates have addressed cannabis reform in one way or another.

Yet, little has been done on a national level to reform cannabis prohibition!

What does this delay national reform mean?

That if he decides, which he might, the President of the United States of America could take away the cannabis industry whenever he wants.

However, federal officials who oppose cannabis legalization are starting to get nervous. The reason why is the UN may make a move that could prove to be the tipping point to global cannabis legalization.

Marijuana Moment has reported that they have a government document that the United Nations has cannabis reform scheduled as an upcoming topic. Proposals include removing cannabis from the list of controlled substances (which would discard an archaic international drug treaty, as well as rescheduling several cannabinoids of the plant, most likely to include CBD.

“It is possible that civil society, the media, and the general public will view deleting cannabis from Schedule IV as a first step toward widespread legalization of marijuana use, especially without proper messaging,”

…reads the document.
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