What are Cannabis Dispensaries Doing to Prevent Coronavirus?

For those of you that have been to a dispensary, you know that it can be a very personable experience.  Part of the whole magic of going to a cannabis store is talking to the budtender.  What are marijuana retailers doing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? Dispensaries are implementing extra precautions to keep both customers and employees safe.

Here are some of the precautions taken by cannabis dispensaries in response to the  coronavirus:

  • Increased sanitation
  • Increased social distancing
  • Prioritizing medical patients
  • Encouragement of online ordering and delivery

Todd Beckwith, director of corporate affairs at AltMed Florida, which has 18 MMJ dispensaries across the state under the name of MUV, said they have instituted policies that include increasing sanitation and social distancing.

“Many of our patients like to shake our hands,” Beckwith said. “We love that, but we’re stopping that.”

MUV has placed hand sanitizer at each terminal and is sanitizing things like door handles more often during the workday. Also, their employees are allowed to miss work without losing their sick time

AltMed also is encouraging customers to order online and use its Florida drive-through facilities in Fort Myers, Longwood and Tallahassee.

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