What are CBD Cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes offer a fun, convenient, and discreet way to smoke CBD! But what are CBD cigarettes? When smoking CBD, you tend to feel the effects rather quick. So, for many, this can be a highly effective way to consume CBD. Many people have found CBD cigarettes to be an effective substitute for nicotine cigarettes.  

What are CBD Cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes, or hemp cigarettes, are cigarettes made with hemp instead of Tobacco. They contain high levels of CBD and NO NICOTINE. Because they are made of hemp, they also contain low levels of THC, less than .3% Delta-9 THC.  They are also legal in all 50 states!

  • Made of Hemp and NO Tobacco
  • They don’t get you high, less than .3% Delta 9 THC
  • No Nicotine
  • High levels of CBD
  • Effects are almost instant
  • Legal in all 50 states

Do CBD Cigarettes Work?

The truth is… it depends which brand!  Like cannabis, CBD cigs come in many different brand and types. One company may add terpenes (essential oils), to their CBD Hemp Cigs and those might work better for you!  Also some companies just use biomass for their hemp cigs.  Some would even use biomass that has already had an extraction taken from it.  Which means that their brand of Hemp Cigs will be a little week than the rest.

Some companies will use what is called hemp flower.  Meaning they only use the dried flowers of the hemp plant. Which would provide a much more effective product.

Be careful!  Purchase your hemp cigarettes from a reliable source and try a couple of different brands. Basically, make sure you trust who you buy your hemp cigs from (stay away from buying CBD at gas stations), and try to find a brand that you personally enjoy!

Some people prefer not to even mess with hemp cigs! They just go for the flower, preferring the ritual of breaking it up and rolling it themselves!

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