What is a CBD Dispensary?

Ok… you want to try CBD but who knows where to start?  You have seen cheap CBD for sale at a gas station, a bunch of stores that sell CBD, and you may have passed by a CBD Dispensary once or twice.  Who has the best CBD for the best price?  What is a CBD Dispensary?  What is the difference between a CBD dispensary and a CBD Store?  The easiest way to explain all this is that a CBD Dispensary takes themselves a little bit more seriously than the rest. 

What is a CBD Dispensary?

A CBD Dispensary is a store that specializes in selling hemp and does so in the fashion that a cannabis dispensary would sell cannabis. However, CBD Dispensaries don’t sell cannabis, they specialize in selling mostly CBD.  That is CBD dispensaries sell CBD that is derived from the hemp plant.  But they can carry other cannabinoids other than CBD.  Products containing CBN, CBG, and Delta 8 THC are common place in a CBD Dispensary.  But mostly the products carried at a CBD Dispensary are high in CBD. 

CBD Dispensary VS Cannabis Dispensary

If you look up the definition of a dispensary, you may find the following:



A place where something is dispensed.

It is a simple definition.  A dispensary is simply a place where something is dispensed.  Americans are just lazy, and with their rise, cannabis dispensaries simply became known as dispensaries.  Well… now there is another option.  Now that hemp has been legalized there is such a thing as a CBD dispensary.

Confused?  The difference between the two types of dispensaries has everything to do with what products are dispensed by those dispensaries.  The difference between the products in the two establishments simply have to do with a US legal definition in classifying a plant, and it all has to do with one component in that plant Delta 9 THC.  The products sold at a cannabis dispensary are from plants that are grown with more than .3% THC and a CBD Dispensary sells products that are from a plant that contains less than .3% THC.  If the plant contains more than .3% THC then it is legally considered to be cannabis. If the plant contains less than .3% THC then that plant is Hemp! 

So we offer this definition:

CBD Dispensary


A place where Hemp based products are dispensed, especially products containing Cannabidiol, or CBD.

CBD Dispensaries dispense Hemp!

Cannabis Dispensaries dispense Cannabis!

CBD Dispensary Vs CBD Stores

There are many retail stores that sell CBD, and there are many stores that specialize in selling hemp-based products.  “You can buy CBD at a gas station and the kiosk at the mall that sells CBD doesn’t look like a dispensary to me.”  What is the difference between a CBD Store and a CBD Dispensary?

The fact of the matter is, CBD Dispensaries take their job a little bit more seriously than a CBD store. Any store can sell CBD, all they have to do is put CBD on their shelf. But a CBD Dispensary sells CBD in the fashion sold at a Cannabis Dispensary.

Things that make a CBD Dispensary Different:

  • Better education available to customers.
  • Employees at a CBD Dispensary are certified Hemptenders, meaning they have been trained and certified to educate customers on CBD.
    • Hemptenders can:
      • Help with dosing
      • Help with delivery method
      • Educate on science of cannabinoids
  • Every delivery method available including smokable flower.
  • Better and safer products
    • CBD Dispensaries tend to vet their product a bit better.
    • Every product has been tested and is safe.


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