What is a Spoon Pipe?

There are several different kinds of pipes. The most common one is called a spoon pipe. What is a spoon pipe?

A spoon pipe is a type of pipe that is used for smoking dry herbs. A spoon pipe consists of a mouthpiece, a bowl head, some sort of tube connecting the two, and a carb. To use a spoon pipe, you pack your dry herbs in the bowl head, hold a fire to it (normally from a lighter), and inhale through the bowl head.

Most spoons have a carburetor, or carb, which is a small hole normally found on the side of the bowl head. When the smoker covers the whole with their thumb, all the airflow goes through the bowl head and allows the smoker to draw smoke through the pipe. When the smoker lifts their thumb off the carb it allows for fresh air to be drawn through the pipe, which in turn clears all the smoke out of the pipe and into the smoker’s lungs.

Spoon VS Bowl

You might hear someone refer to a spoon pipe as a bowl. Fact is that most pipes have a bowl head. It is a common characteristic for pipes because you pack the dry herb into the bowl head. Because of this many people call their pipe a bowl.  A spoon pipe refers to a specific pipe shape, while a bowl is a widely used term for any pipe. All spoon pipes are bowls but not all bowls are spoons. Also, because you pack your dry herb into it, the slider piece for a water pipe is also referred to as a bowl.

How to Use a Spoon Pipe

As stated above, a spoon pipe is the most common type of pipe. But if you haven’t used a spoon before then you can follow these simple steps for your first time.

  1. Grab your spoon pipe
  2. Grab some dried herbs
  3. Break up the dried herbs
  4. Pack the broken up herbs into the bowl of your spoon
  5. Place your thumb over the carb
  6. While your thumb is over the carb put the spoon to your lips
  7. While your spoon is to your lips and your thumb is over the carb, hold an open flame to the dry herb
  8. Inhale
  9. Lift your thumb from the carb , keep inhaling.
  10. Exhale
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