What the Hell is 4/20 and Where Did it Come From?

Happy 4/20 to all you cannabis consumers out there. Why the hell do we celebrate on 4/20?  Who or what started that?

There are several different theories as to where the holiday comes from… but one thing is for sure… every year, on April 20th, cannabis and hemp producers, consumers and advocates celebrate and smoke, vape, or eat their favorite herb!

Happy 420

Don’t get me wrong, cannabis is still illegal by federal law! However, many states have changed their policy on cannabis in one way or another and many Americans believe that legalization is right around the corner. April 20th is a testament to the progress of the cannabis movement, because what was once an obscure holiday has become more and more mainstream over the years.

Where Does 4/20 Come From?

Okay… here is the thing! Stoners like to gossip, and there is probably a different story for every single stoner. Here are some “crockpot” theory on where 420 comes from.

  • The first 4/20 was celebrated with 4 blunts and 20 joints
  • The police code for smoking weed is 420 over the radio
  • There where four hundred and twenty stoners at the first 4/20

The most likely theory is the theory that was validated by High Times magazine, and that is, that 4:20 started with a group of High School kids in California!

The Waldos

It is believed by the original 420 publication, High Times, that the holiday comes from a group of students going to school in California in 1970.

A group of teenagers from San Rafael High School in Marian County would get together on 4:20pm each day. The number 4:20 became their code for the herb. These students called themselves The “Waldos” and there is a good amount of documentation that proves this group existed and that they used the term 4:20! They even created a 420 flag!

Their website is a great source of info on the group and the origination of the holiday!

The Waldos came up with the term, and it just worked out, and was adopted by all cannabis culture.

4:20 in Popular Culture

Everyone who smokes tends to not only partake in the herb on this holiday but they are now starting to promote it. There was a time that only a few celebrities like Cheech and Chong and the Grateful Dead would promote the holiday.  About a decade ago you would celebrate 4/20 only by buying a bunch of pot from a pot dealer and then you would proceed to lock yourself in your home and smoke the day away!

Celebrities like Seth Rogen, Wiz Kalifa, and Snoop Dog post on social media and promote the holiday every year.  420 is now big business too! Many companies run 420 deals and specials. Companies offer price breaks on products…. Many of these products being “munchie products” …. But they offer cannabis consumers a way to feel special during this holiday.

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