US House Passes Bill Allowing Cannabis Research

Only a few days after voting to legalize cannabis, the US House of Representatives approved yet another bill that promotes cannabis reform. This time they wanted to make it easier for scientists to study the herb.

In a voice vote, the House passed the Medical Marijuana Research Act. This is a groundbreaking bill that will reduce the barriers and expand scientific research into medical cannabis.

  • Allow for the private manufacturing of cannabis solely for research purposes.
  • Make it really easy for researchers to obtain cannabis. As easy as obtaining it from a local dispensary.
  • Make it easier to be a “marijuana researcher”.

Allowing more research into cannabis could spur more physicians to recommend medical marijuana.  The Act might also promote legal access to cannabis, more research into the benefits of cannabis could help change unfair stigmas toward the plant.

Although passage of the bill is mostly symbolic, its thought not to be approved by the senate, this marks the second piece of cannabis reform to be passed on capitol hill this week.

Earlier this week the House passed the MORE Act, which aims to decriminalize the herb completely.  Also aims to tax sales on cannabis and allocate that money to those who fell victim to the drug war.

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