CBD Oil Vs CBD Tincture: What is the Difference?

A question we are often asked here at Chillum CBD Dispensary is a customer searching for a CBD Oil Tincture.  Oil and tincture often get confused and are sometimes even used interchangeably.

It is easy to see why there is confusion.  Both CBD oils and CBD Tinctures come in similar packaging and can be used in similar ways. Each one is often stored in a “little brown glass bottle” and each can be taken sublingually, or under the tongue.  Let us not forget that both contain CBD as the active ingredient.   Sounds similar, huh?  So, what is the Difference?  Well, the difference has little to do with the CBD and more so to do with the other ingredients in that “little brown glass bottle”.

What is CBD Oil?

This one can be pretty confusing to start with.  Why? Cause… CBD itself is a fat.  Meaning CBD itself is basically an oil… But let us remember that the difference between CBD oil and CBD tincture has little to do with the CBD and everything to do with the other ingredients in that “little brown glass bottle”.   CBD oil is CBD that is mixed with another kind of oil.

The form of the CBD doesn’t matter much. It could be full spectrum or isolate…. It could be a CO2 extract or any other kind of extract.  As long as it is CBD that is mixed with an oil as a cutting agent.

CBD Oil Consists of Two Primary Ingredients:

  • CBD
  • Carrier oil

Carrier Oils for CBD Oils Include:

  • MCT Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Vegetable Glycerin


MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides.  MCT Oil is usually made from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, through a simple extraction.  It is extracted through a process called fractionation. This simply separated the MCT from the original oil and concentrates it.  That is a fancy way for saying that MCT oil is simply a fractionated coconut oil….

Provida Daily Drops are made with MCT oil and a little bit of vanilla for flavoring:

Hemp Seed Oil

While it is true that Hemp Seed Oil doesn’t contain CBD…. It is true that CBD Oil can contain hemp seed oil.  Sometimes hemp seed oil is mixed as a cutting agent with actually CBD oil.  The results is a CBD oil with the health benefits of Hemp Seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is incredibly nutritious and historically known for its holistic benefits. It contains Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which provide great health benefits. In addition, hempseed oil carries essential minerals and vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin is a sugar alcohol derived from the oil content found in vegetables. Vegetable glycerin has several uses. The most popular are cosmetics,, pharmaceuticals, and food products. Simply put… vegetable glycerin is sugars that are derived from vegetable oil. It makes a nice and inexpensive carrier for CBD oil.

What is a CBD Tincture?

Okay… so a CBD oil is when you mix CBD with a carrier oil.  What the heck is a CBD tincture?  Well a CBD tincture also contains CBD.  But a CBD tincture is when the CBD is extracted into an alcohol. So CBD tinctures are alcohol based.  You make a CBD tincture by soaking the raw plant material in an alcohol.  The higher the proof of the alcohol, the better the CBD extraction will be.

  • Tinctures can be easily added to food and drinks. CBD oil needs to be added to a fat in order to be ingested this way.  The alcohol in the tincture makes it water soluble and can be added to liquids easily.
  • Tinctures are water soluble so offer a higher absorption rate into the body.
  • The alcohol in the product can extend its shelf life.

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